Your search for how to make money from a blog ends here.

Right in this post, I’ll show you 15 proven ways to make money from your blog, with examples of blogs making money using the same blog monetization method.

Most people started their blogs with the aim of making money, so it is not out of place to scout the web in search of ways to make money from a blog.

This study by Kinsta ultimately proves the fact that everyone started their blogs to make money.

Regardless of what words the respondents use, the reason is apparent. Whether it be that they started their blog to kick their 9-5, to make money on the side, or the most preferred (and tired) excuse – to follow their passion. The bottom line is to that they want to make money.

Well, you can make money from your blog. You can make a living from your blog. You can travel the world blogging. Whatever you want, you just have to put in the work.

Although not the easiest thing on the planet, making money from a blog is simple. I so much like the words of Derek Sivers that I have to use them again in this post.

Derek believes success, although not easy, is simple. He believes you will succeed in as much as you do the right things. The things that that take you closer to the end goal.

Here’s how Derek puts it:

Success isn’t easy, but it’s simple.

If you want to get in shape, eat right and exercise – not easy, but simple.

This is applicable to everything, but is even more resonant with making money from a blog, because, as you’ll find out, it’s simple.

To make money from a blog, all you need to do is:

  • Create a blog
  • Publish valuable content
  • Promote the blog
  • Monetize the blog
  • Live like Bezos.

Simple. But not easy.

Creating a blog is probably the only easy thing on the list. Writing useful content requires expert knowledge of the topic, and research and drafting a blog post aren’t one of those easy stuff just about anyone can conveniently do.

The hardest part of the job is driving traffic to the blog; moving from having your posts read only by your mom and her dog to building a huge fan base of people looking forward to your next post (and of course, ready to spend their money on your offers).

Monetizing a blog is perhaps another simple and easy part, as long as you understand your audience well enough and know what type of offer they’re likely to spend their money on.

So, how do you make money from a blog?

Like I stated earlier, the key to making reasonable money from your blog is understanding your audience and determining which revenue model best suits them.

A weight loss blog, for instance, will make more money from affiliate sales than from dropshipping. A news site, on the other hand, will make more from ads than from affiliate marketing.

If you’re yet to start your blog and need an easy-to-follow guide that shows how to create a blog in the most beginner-friendly way possible, check my step-by-step guide to start your own blog.

How to make money from a blog

…with examples

Pay Per Click Ad

This is one of the oldest (and unarguably the easiest) blog monetization methods on the Internet. It has been there since the beginning of “weblogs”  and nearly every blog on the world wide web uses or has used PPC to make money.

In fact, if you have browsed a web page (other than this one) today, I’m hundred percent certain you have seen PPC ads in action.

PPC Ad networks will pay you for the number of clicks (or vary rarely, impressions) on the ads they display on your blog. It could be anything from $0.05 to a hundred, depending on your niche, number of page views and type of audience. News, viral content, forums, entertainment and celebrity gossip blogs do well with this blog monetization method.

The most popular PPC ad network is Google AdSense. Other popular ones are:

  • InfoLinks
  • PropellerAds
  • Skimlinks

If you’ve ever come across something like the image below when browsing the web, then you’ve seen ppc, or Google AdSense, at work.

Examples of blogs earning with PPC/Google AdSense:

Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most popular way people make money from their blogs and that’s because works for almost all niches and audiences. As a matter of fact, it is the best way to make money from a blog.

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting other people’s products and getting rewards for each generated sale or lead. With affiliate marketing, you get people to buy a product/service and the product owner or merchant, gives you a reward for that sale. It could be cash commissions, discounts, gift cards or a free product.

If you run a mom/newborn blog, you could recommend baby items to your audience (who are mostly new moms/expectant mothers or just anyone looking for information about newborns or motherhood) and when they buy, the company or merchant pays you a commission.

One of such places to find products to promote is Amazon through their associate program.

How to find affiliate opportunities

There are many affiliate merchant websites where you can check out for affiliate offers that match your blog topic.

  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Impact Radius
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Amazon Associates Program

You can as well check for affiliate offers on a product/service website as many run their own in-house programs. This post talks more about finding affiliate offers in any niche.

Examples of blogs making money with affiliate marketing:

  • Wirecutter
  • Avocadu
  • Smart Passive Income

Banner Ads

This is yet another popular way bloggers make money from their blogs.

Banner ads work almost the same way as PPC ads only that this time you’re in charge of the ads. The agreement and everything else is directly between you and the advertiser; no middleman. Although, like PPC ads, there are programs you can join to connect you with advertisers.

To make money from the blog monetization model, you have to place advertisers’ banners on your blog, track the number of impressions and clicks and get paid based on your agreement with the advertiser.

You can place the banners on your blog sidebar, footer, header or even between posts. This blog monetization method works best if you have tons of traffic as most agreement is based on impressions (how many people see the ads) and, sometimes, clicks (how many people click the banner).

One good thing about this method, however, is that unlike affiliate marketing, it is not your business what action(s) people take after seeing or clicking the ads, which makes it an easy way for anyone to make money from a blog,

You can check out BuySellAds for opportunities. You can as well host and manage the ad banners yourself. All you need is a plugin like AdRotate or AdSanity to do such thing as rotate the banners, manage the placement, monitor clicks and all.

Examples of blogs earning with ad banners:

  • Start a Blog Online
  • John Chow
  • Matthew Woodward

Selling your own products

Like in every business, nothing beats selling your own products. It puts you in charge. You set the price, go home with 100% profit among many other benefits. And when it comes to the digital world, making money selling your own products is quite simple. You only need to put a few things — information, tool, video, etc — together and sell to your customers.

You don’t need huge capital or a large workforce to put something together, neither does it have to be a physical product. It could be something as little as an ebook or something a little more complex, like a computer software.

You don’t need Penguin to publish a bestseller, no need for an agency in Silicon Valley to write your codes and definitely not Warner Bros to produce your videos. There are a lot of tools, both free and paid, out there for you to make your own products. You can also use online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork to get freelancers to deal with some part of the stuff. Just make sure whatever you’re making is worth buying.

Examples of blogs making money selling their own products:

  • ConvertKit
  • Larrylawlaw
  • Green Exam Academy

    Teach an Online Course

    You can as well make money with your blog teaching online courses and  all you have to demonstrate authority.

    In this case, your blog will serve as a medium to show your potential students that you really know your stuff.

    Your blog has to be really niche; be about something you know really well. For instance, if you’re going to have anybody learn graphics design from you, you have to show on your blog that you really, really know graphics design. It could be by writing easy-to-follow guides or tutorials, showing how to use a specific function or tool of one of your industry tools or by posting your awesome designs.

    Lisa Irby of Passive Shirt Profits makes money designing and selling t-shirts on POD sites and she teaches both how to use Photoshop to design graphics for tees and how to make money selling tees.

    You can use third-party platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable to host your course materials. I particularly like Udemy because it’s already a popular platform, which makes it a plus. If you’d rather host your courses yourself and keep 100% of the revenue, you can use such WordPress plugins like Zippy Courses and Learndash.

    Examples of blogs the whose owners teach online courses:

    • Micheal Essek
    • Darius Foroux
    • Lisa Irby of PSP

    Teach a Course via Email

    Although this is the same as teaching an online course, but it deserves a section of it’s own because it is in and of itself a sustainable way to make money from a blog.

    People who do this usually show their readers how to do something in the form of an email sequence. They tell them what to do on a specific day or week to get a targeted result.

    An email course, although not limited to, is best in niches where you can run challenges alongside your readers in order to get a specific result or output.

    The health niche is a good example. You can do something like a 30-day challenge to get a flat tummy or loose a certain amount of lbs.

    Although free, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income sometimes run a 7-day challenge. One I remember particularly is a challenge to build an email list.

    Examples of blogs making money from email courses:

    • Create and Go
    • Avocadu
    • SPI


    Paywall is becoming popular these days and many popular and reputable media houses are adopting it. It involves locking a part of website or making it “private” to restrict access to only a specific group of users. These users, usually subscribers, are the only ones that can access the content due to some certain privileges or “keys” that you give them.

    Regardless of the size of your audience, you can also employ this monetization method to make money from your blog. You only have to cater to a specific need, which your potential customers are ready to pay for.

    Needless to say, this is not for beginner bloggers. It can only work when you become established and people trust your judgment enough to pay you to access a piece of information you put behind a paywall.

    If you use WordPress (which you should anyway), it’s easy. You only have to set the post or page to private and set a password. You make money by giving the password to people who subscribe. However, managing subscribers, especially if huge, and passwords may be too taxing. You can use the Memberpress plugin or to do that.

    These two will automatically generate passwords with expiry dates such that when the date passes, the password is no longer usable.

    Blogs making money using this blog monetization model:

    • Medium
    • Mark Manson
    • TheGuardian
    • Fortune

    Selling Templates

    Although similar to selling digital products, this is another brilliant way to monetize your blog. The only difference (which is actually very important) is that you can offer custom services selling templates.

    You can sell templates of just about anything. It could be a software, an industry-specific tool, business plans, ebook templates, or just even email templates. It doesn’t have to be something very complex.

    Making money from a blog selling templates work because people are busy or just plain lazy and so are looking for ways to get stuff done sidestepping the hard part. There are a lot of stuff out there calling for our attention and using templates (read: shortcuts) is one way to have one thing less to worry about.

    One very popular website doing well with this blog monetization model is Chandoo, and as unbelievable as it may sound, Chandoo makes a killing selling Microsoft Excel templates.

    Now I have to agree, Excel is damn complex and paying a one-time fee for a template is a good investment. Better than paying for some over-hyped new age software packed with bells and whistles, at least.

    Blogs making money through selling templates:

    • Chandoo
    • Sumo
    • Niche Hacks
    • Business Template

    Disclaimer: Sumo has lots of email templates but they give them free to their readers, but they could be selling if they want. And yes, their emails templates are products of research and studies.

    Make Money From A Forum

    This is a really nice way to make money from a blog. It’s nice because yo don’t have to worry about what to post on a forum attached to your blog. Forum contents are user-generated; they post stuffs worrying them and even go as far as driving the conversation, answering each other’s questions. The only thing you have to take care of is the back end; ensuring that regardless of the number of people using your forum at any given time, it never crashes.

    Another good thing about forums is that they are not limited to a single topic. You can have as many sections as you (or your users) want — business, politics, education, health, religion and even x-rated content. However, since your forumis going to be part of your blog, you can limit it to your blog’s topic.

    You can monetize a forum with as many monetization methods as available — PPC, membership, banner ads, etc.

    Domain and/or Website Flipping

    Flipping is just an industry jargon.

    In the “make money online” industry, flipping is the fancy word for (re)selling. Domain/website flipping is just the (re)selling of domain names/websites.

    To make money from a blog flipping websites, you either start a new blog or buy a promising, existing one, improve it and then resell it. The improvement is usually increasing traffic and page views, and monetizing the blog.

    There are people who like the idea of having web assets but have no idea how to start one or are just busy, so they instead look for blogs that are already doing (great) numbers and acquire them.

    This is a good way to make money from a blog as many blogs are sold for up to 10x the revenue.

    As for domain flipping, you have two options: (re)registering an expired domain name or registering new premium looking ones.

    Many webmasters buy expired domains with good history. Many expired domains used to be really good ones before they expired; they have great backlink profile and high domain authority or rank. These two factors makes them really attractive (because well, backlink and DA are vital to a blog’s success.

    The other option is to register a new domain and put a premium on it. Before you can put a premium on a domain, it has to be a premium domain. No pun intended.

    Nobody will buy from you, but a company will pay you several thousands to acquire Fresh Prints because there was a day I was brainstorming a domain name for a printing business and chose Fresh Prints only to find out that it’s owned by an established company. I then chose another one Pepper Prints, then checked for Here’s what I found:

    A domain name costs only about $10/year, but look at Pepper Prints. If I am serious about the printing business, it’s a good investment. Subsequent payments will be at regular price.

    It’s an effortless way to make money from a blog.

    Blogs making money flipping websites:

    • Cloud Living
    • RankXL
    • Niche Pursuits

    Check out Empire Flippers, Flippers, @@@@ to see how much people spend to acquire a blog in even the most ridiculous niches.


    If you’re a graphics designer, writer, web designer, journalist working for an agency or company, you can start a blog and make money freelancing.

    You’re already a professional, with years of experience under your belt. All you need to do is start a blog (this guide will help you creat a nice portfolio) and put up really nice posts and, very importantly, your portfolio.

    You can write a bout creativity, combining work with life, your freelancing journey, industry tips or just your work samples while expressively showing your audience stuff you’re capable of doing.

    Beside shamelessly advertising your craft within your posts, you need a neat, prospects-inviting HIRE ME page. You have to make this obvious. In fact, it should be the first thing anyone visiting your blog sees.

    Make A Living Writing

    Tech Writer for Hire (Joseph Oni)

    Job Board

    If you’re an artist, writer, graphics or web designer, cartoonist, voice over artist, or do any other creative work, you can complement your freelancing venture with a Job Board.

    You could start a blog about freelancing, writing tips, design tips, creativity, industry “secrets,” anything to attract freelancers to your blog.

    A job board is @@@ which makes it a good way to make money from a blog.

    A freelancer job board is a job board for freelancers.

    Popular job boards owned by freelancers/bloggers:

    • Problogger Job Board
    • Freelance Writers’ Den
    • Freelance Writing Job
    • Smashing Magazine Job Board




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