How do you change your blog theme?

After creating your blog, one of those things you want to do is change your blog theme. You want to change the look of your blog, tweaking it as much as you can to get your desired result.

With WordPress, everything is easy. You can even do everything yourself without using any guide or tutorial, you only need to play around with the elements in the dashboard.

Yet to create a website? I have a step-by-step guide on how to create a website. You should check it out.

There are a lot of themes (both free and paid) out there to choose from. You only need to get your specifics and filter through the deluge.

What kind of blog do you own?

A business blog? A portfolio site? A magazine blog?

Whatever your choice, you are only a Google search away from getting your desired theme.

Check this out:

In this post, you’ll learn how to change your blog theme as well as how to customize it. The process of changing or installing a theme on WordPress is the same as installing a plugin. Both require the same process and can be done in same ways.

Here’s a post on the blog on how to install (and uninstall) a plugin.

Shall we begin…

There are three methods you can use to change your blog theme:

  1. Uploading a theme via your blog dashboard
  2. Installing a theme directly from the WordPress theme directory via your blog dashboard
  3. Uploading a theme via your hosting backend (cPanel)

We’ll discuss only the first two methods. They are sufficient. The third is a bit technical and can break your site if not done properly.

Let’s begin with the second method. It’s the easiest.

Before you change your theme, back up your blog!

Installing a Theme Directly From the WordPress Theme Directory

This is the easiest method and it’s very straightforward.

Log on to your blog dashboard and hover on Appearance in the elements at the left hand side of your blog WordPress dashboard.

Click on Themes and on the themes, click on Add New.

Enter a keyword in the theme search bar and wait while the repository brings up results that match your query.

Place your cursor on any of the themes in the results to reveal the Install and Preview button. Although you can only use one theme at a time, you can install as many themes as you want and Live Preview them to see the one that best suit your needs.

To select a theme as your main theme (the one that defines your blog outlook/design), you need to Activate it.

Again: Before you change your theme, back up your blog first!

Method 2: Upload a Theme to Your Blog

This method is best suited for premium themes that are not available through WordPress themes repository. It is also good if you are on mobile and come across a theme you like or get a recommendation and you can’t access your blog dashboard at that moment.

To upload a theme to your blog, you need to have the theme files ready on your computer. You can get this either by downloading the theme from the vendor’s website or via WordPress website. I’ll use the later.

Navigate to Themes as in the first method. Look to the top left corner of the themes panel and click on Upload Theme.

Choose the zip file of the theme you just downloaded and click Install Now.

Upon installing the theme, you’ll be taken to this page:

There you can Activate the theme or do a Live Preview.

Activating the theme changes your blog design to that theme. Live Preview allows you to customize the design and see the results before activating it. Live preview and the customizing process are the same.

Play around with live preview to understand how it works.

Now you can change the theme of your blog.


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